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Just when you thought Vince had grown up...

I was expecting a nice CT/SW parody, in fact I was quite looking forward to it considering it has been ages since you made anything. But oh no, I had to endure another pathetic "omgz Shin sux I r L337 cuz I pwn everyting wit meh movies". Seriously now, this has been going on for what? Over a year? It's really quite sad to see someone who claims to be 22 years old acting like such a child. You must realise that you are losing a lot of popularity this way, just read some of the reviews and compare them to those of you -proper- movies. Oh well, I suppose some people are slow learners, do give me a call when you realise how worthless online "reputations" are, and I will be glad to support you. Until that day however I urge you to forget this petty feud and start making decent movies again.
(On a positive note you are getting better at animation, and the moogle voice was hilarious. Adapt it to an original brand of comedy in future)

Your guardian angel

Vinstigator responds:

Well believe it or not, this is one of my more popular movies. It's got a shitload of bookmarks and it's only been out for a few days now. So without the hate it would've been an 8+ score, eh? To tell the truth I never intended to do another "hate" movie but a friend of mine persuaded me to join his collab against Shin and I accepted. But my movie wasn't ready when they submitted so I decided to polish my movie up and submit it. Most of the people that gave bad reviews gave them because they said it made no sense. Well, that was my intention lol.

My next animation is a -proper- one. But that doesn't mean I've stopped making comedies (I'll try to leave out the hate). And believe it not, my popularity is growing with these movies. I now have over 300 people who have bookmarked me as a favorite artist, and they've bookmarked the shit outta this movie :o

And yeah the Moogle voice is funny, always cracks me up ;p

P.S. "FREEZE MOTHERFUCKER" will be the next big catchphrase on NG :D

The Clock Crew cannot be killed.

But I thought it was Turd Clock's job to save Strawberry from SBL and Banana?

Creatus responds:

Guess not.

Holy shit

This has been well worth the wait, certainly not quite up to the standard of B, but worthy of a few oscars.

You cannot kill the Clock Crew!

OrangeClock responds:

thanks we appreciate it

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Heartwarming and playful.
Fun and challenging.
Grim Reapers and Princesses.
Friendship and candies.

You have won my heart.


Should have been something like goatse or lemonparty at the end, that pic wasn't really very shocking to me at all.

Very cool game

I love the gameplay and level design, the only thing that really spoiled it was the way you got stuck inside moving blocks, and the way they would just slide out from under you while standing on them.
Other than that, great game! I would love to see this improved+lengthened in the future.

gunman responds:

It will come. trust me

I have passed a quantity of urine into at least one of these perfumes.

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